Violin I
Martha Gardner, Concertmaster
Earl Hough
Aman Jetha
Katherine Jenkins
Chris Johnson
Kailey Oppenheim
David Sholl
Rudy Subramanian
Erik Zusmanis

Violin II
Nick Hoy, Principal
Elizabeth Benz
Lacey Glancy
Anna Johnson
Daniel Liu
Sarah Minton
Elisa Street-Bradshaw
Marla Velez
Jennifer Williams
Josepha Winter

Sherry Ellis, Principal
Eric Hawk
Heather Lofdahl
Janee Minnick
Soleil Robichaud
Greg Selig
Peace Stegall
Heather Vincenty
Kathy Wellman

(open), Principal
Jeff Daniel
Megan Hallam
Nicole Younker
Erica Vacare
Alex Waterfill
Collin Watts

Peter Hildebrandt, Principal
Lizzy Farrell
Tegan Matthews
Phil Schoeller


Kathy Farmer, Principal
Lisa Mahoney

Oboe/English Horn
Stephanie Beck, Principal
Gail Jackson
Torrence Welch, English Horn

Diane Hargreaves, Principal
Barbaraann Bongiovanni
Laurie Corbin

Jim Jackson, Principal
John Lenahan
Krystal Saenz


Mandy Tinsley, Principal
Anthony Bernard
Gina Davis
Leslie Ann & Jason Dunn

Carl McCurdy, Principal
Geoff Gay
Jacques Minjauw

Jimmy West, Principal
Dwight Klappich
Al Stark

Robert Coulter, Principal


Mike Del Campo, Principal
Henri Bulterman
John M. Greenwald

Jennifer Mautz, Principal

Ruthanna McAlister
Allen Baston

Julie Koenig
Tyler Hartley


Music Director
John Morrison

Martha Gardner

Personnel Manager
Greg Selig

Anna Johnson

Linda Brill

Repertoire Committee
Kathryn G. Otwell
Leslie Ann Dunn
John Lenahan
Kathy Farmer
Anna Johnson
Dwight Klappich

Northside Coordinators
Jim Jackson
Gail Jackson

Web Site Photography
Wayne Johnson
Ümit Yüksel
John Robson
Elizabeth Demaree
Megan Hallam
Thear Kirk Fraley

Recording Engineers
Ron Buelow
Wayne Johnson

Peter Hildebrandt


Mike Del Campo, Principal
Mike Del Campo, Principal Mike freelances in and around Atlanta. He plays in a number of local orchestras (both drums and percussion) and has performed on studio and field recordings with the Atlanta Wind Symphony, Michael O’Neal Singers, Showtime Singers of Atlanta, and the Zephyr Brass Band. Mike entered the Atlanta music scene playing with various small combos and big bands such as The Modernaires and the quintessential Sentimental Journey Orchestra. He later studied mallet keyboard and multi-percussion for wind ensemble and orchestra with Thamyris co-founder and artistic co-director Peggy Benkeser. Mike was the Percussion Coordinator for Centennial Knights Drum Line for seven years. He teaches general percussion. He has been Principal Percussionist for more than fifteen years with the Georgia Philharmonic and eight years with the Atlanta Wind Symphony.

Henri Bulterman
Henri Bulterman Henri was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, but moved to the U.S. at a young age to grow up in New York City. He holds degrees in Music Theory and Computer Science from Brown University, where his proudest accomplishments include playing bass drum for Aaron Copland and founding the Brown University Skating Band. Henri served as an occasional guest percussionist in recent years before finally joining the Georgia Philharmonic in 2013. When not percussing or playing jazz piano, Henri works as a software engineer (and full-time teleworker) for a well-known consulting firm based outside Boston, where he has been involved in projects ranging from aircraft anti-collision systems to messaging software development.

John M. Greenwald
John M. Greenwald John M. Greenwald joined The Georgia Philharmonic in 2013. John earned a Bachelor of Music degree in Percussion Performance from Bowling Green State University. He also has a Bachelor of Music Education degree from The University Of Tennessee, Knoxville. John has performed with Barry Manilow and Bob Hope. He has been a member of The Richmond (IN) Symphony, The Middletown (OH) Symphony, The Whitewater Opera Orchestra (IN) and The Casper Wyoming Symphony. John also performs with The Atlanta CV Drum & Bugle Corps. John is married to Laura and has three cats Otis, Skeeter and Chloe.


Jennifer Mautz, Principal
Jennifer Mautz, Principal Jennifer Mautz has performed with Georgia Philharmonic since its inception. She has a BA in Music and Business from DePauw University’s School of Music, located in Greencastle, IN. Her commitment to Georgia Philharmonic extends beyond performing as the Principle Tympanist to serving in multiple volunteer capacities behind the scenes over the years including the Board of Directors, President, past president and Box Office Manager. During the day, Jen is a Senior Program Manager for Change Healthcare. Living up to the motto, “Life is for Living”, in her free time she teaches private piano lessons, travels, and turned her love of making chocolate candy and baking into a “tiny business”, as she puts it, called Emmaline’s Sweet Shoppe.

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