Violin I
Martha Gardner, Concertmaster
Earl Hough
Aman Jetha
Katherine Jenkins
Chris Johnson
Kailey Oppenheim
David Sholl
Rudy Subramanian
Erik Zusmanis

Violin II
Nick Hoy, Principal
Elizabeth Benz
Lacey Glancy
Anna Johnson
Daniel Liu
Sarah Minton
Elisa Street-Bradshaw
Marla Velez
Jennifer Williams
Josepha Winter

Sherry Ellis, Principal
Eric Hawk
Heather Lofdahl
Janee Minnick
Soleil Robichaud
Greg Selig
Peace Stegall
Heather Vincenty
Kathy Wellman

(open), Principal
Jeff Daniel
Megan Hallam
Nicole Younker
Erica Vacare
Alex Waterfill
Collin Watts

Peter Hildebrandt, Principal
Lizzy Farrell
Tegan Matthews
Phil Schoeller


Kathy Farmer, Principal
Lisa Mahoney

Oboe/English Horn
Stephanie Beck, Principal
Gail Jackson
Torrence Welch, English Horn

Diane Hargreaves, Principal
Barbaraann Bongiovanni
Laurie Corbin

Jim Jackson, Principal
John Lenahan
Krystal Saenz


Mandy Tinsley, Principal
Anthony Bernard
Gina Davis
Leslie Ann & Jason Dunn

Carl McCurdy, Principal
Geoff Gay
Jacques Minjauw

Jimmy West, Principal
Dwight Klappich
Al Stark

Robert Coulter, Principal


Mike Del Campo, Principal
Henri Bulterman
John M. Greenwald

Jennifer Mautz, Principal

Ruthanna McAlister
Allen Baston

Julie Koenig
Tyler Hartley


Music Director
John Morrison

Martha Gardner

Personnel Manager
Greg Selig

Anna Johnson

Linda Brill

Repertoire Committee
Kathryn G. Otwell
Leslie Ann Dunn
John Lenahan
Kathy Farmer
Anna Johnson
Dwight Klappich

Northside Coordinators
Jim Jackson
Gail Jackson

Web Site Photography
Wayne Johnson
Ümit Yüksel
John Robson
Elizabeth Demaree
Megan Hallam
Thear Kirk Fraley

Recording Engineers
Ron Buelow
Wayne Johnson

Peter Hildebrandt

Oboe/English Horn

Stephanie Beck, Principal
Stephanie Beck, Principal Stephanie Beck joined the Georgia Philharmonic in 2013. Born and raised in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA, she earned her BA in Music Performance from Emory University where she also studied English and Religion. In 2010, she moved to Edinburgh, Scotland where she received her MSc in Childhood Studies from the University of Edinburgh. While living in Edinburgh, she performed with the University symphony and freelanced with the Edinburgh Studio Opera and the Edinburgh Grand Opera orchestras. After her graduate studies, she took an Arts Outreach internship in Northwest Italy where she lived for 3 months. Stephanie currently works in education while also freelancing and maintaining a studio of oboe students. Throughout her musical endeavors, Stephanie has had the privilege to perform in world class venues, including Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. Stephanie lives in Atlanta with her husband Brian and their two neurotic cats.

Gail Jackson
Gail Jackson Gail Jackson, originally a pianist, has been with the Gerogia Philharmonic for the last few years playing oboe. She is a lover of chamber music and is lucky to have a husband who plays bassoon (in Georgia Philharmonic, as a matter of fact). She and her husband regularly play in small ensembles together and like the community aspect of music.

Torrence Welch
Torrence Welch Dr. Torrence Welch joined Georgia Philharmonic on English horn in 2013. A native of Baton Rouge, LA and true woodwind specialist, Dr. Welch has performed with numerous esteemed ensembles on English horn, oboe, saxophone, flute, and bassoon. In 2006, he was selected as winner of the Georgia Institute of Technology Concerto Competition, performing Glazunov’s Concerto in E-flat Major for Alto Saxophone and String Orchestra. In 2015, he was selected as winner of the Atlanta Philharmonic Orchestra Concerto Competition, performing Lebrun’s Concerto No. 2 in G minor for Oboe and Orchestra. In the world of chamber music, Dr. Welch is the founder and oboist of the Titan Winds, an Atlanta-based wind quintet, and has performed with several chamber ensembles in Georgia and Arizona. Away from music, Dr. Welch has a PhD in biomedical engineering and works as an engineering consultant and expert witness in the area of injury biomechanics, analyzing human injury to determine their causes and methods for injury prevention.

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